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 Hello, and welcome to Acebook!  Acebook is a unique dating and social networking site for asexual people.  If you’re asexual and looking to connect with someone who shares your interests, you’ve come to the right place. Even though we tend to like cake better than sex, many of us are still interested in romance.  Just because we're asexual doesn't mean we should have to be lonely!

If you’ve just landed here and are wondering what this all means, check out the Asexual Visibility and Education Network to delve into the world of asexuality.  If you already know what it all means, then jump in and start looking for that movie-watching (or club-going, or dog-walking, or sky-diving) companion.  Read More...

Most features of Acebook are available to registered members only. Once you are registered, you can:
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  • Create and maintain user groups, with group-specific bulletins and forums

These features make it easy to find people in your area with similar interests. Register now and see for yourself. Membership is free, so you have nothing to lose!



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