Keeping the Site Safe

Safety is a top priority at Acebook.  Please see these Dating Safety Tips for more information, and remember to exercise caution in online interactions. 

How to report a memberIf you see any suspicious behavior or questionable content from a member (including any behavior which indicates the member may not be asexual), please don't hesitate to report this to the Acebook staff.  This can be done by clicking on the "Report User" tab on the member's profile, and providing a tangible reason for the report.  Please note that the user in question will not know you have done this.

How to forward a PM

If you receive an offensive or harassing PM, you can forward the message to a staff member by clicking on the "forward" icon from your inbox.  You can also block the member from sending you additional PMs, which can be done from the message view screen; as with user reports, the blocked party will not be aware you have done this.



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